getting error adding static routing

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getting error adding static routing

Hello everyone,

I  have added VLAN's and Meraki cameras to 5 locations without any issues, the last location however is giving me nightmares. settings are all locations are same, different subnet for each location. 

create VLAN for cameras VLAN 20 (Location-Camera)

create Static route for VLAN>Gateway

enable DHCP on VLAN

enable port for access with proper VLAN for camera (VLAN 20)

and cameras start working after firmware updates, 5 minutes top.


last location is giving me error when i try to add static route for VLAN>Gateway as below


i guess i am having overlapping ip, i have changed subnet IP for my VLAN to many IP"s that is not being used anywhere in my network. i verified that with all my records and global routing table, still not getting any results. the worse part is, my cameras not taking the ip from VLAN, so clearly there is an issue with DHCP server somewhere. 


can anyone help me with this issue? i need help desperately. i am posting all the screen shots of the dashboard for the VLAN and switch settings if that helps. 










Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What is the route  you are trying  to add?



this is what i am trying to add, and the first screenshot is the error message i am getting.

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You have not posted the screen with the static route you are trying to configure, but it is not possible to add a static route with a destination subnet of a vlan defined on the MX itself. 

MX does not have any routing defined for that VLAN, but gives me different idea of trying to fix the issue. 

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You should understand the meaning of static routing. 

The answer is: for the destination subnet, what is the next-hop ip thru which I can reach the subnet. 

On the MX, this vlan is already directly connected, so there is no next-hop ip.


This route can be added to other Mx-es if you wish to reach this vlan via a specific router, but not vice-versa.


On the other hand, maybe you think about source-based routing... but we don't understand what you want to achieve in order to help...



what i am trying to accomplish here is my cameras to start working.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Why do you need a static route?

Cant you run the vlan20 from mx to switch at layer2. Add all camera on switchports with access vlan 20

i don't have anything set in MX for VLAN, and i realize that that should have been my process from the start. 

all the ports in my dedicated switch for camera are on VLAN 20, so that should take care of the issue. 


Thank you for your suggestion!! i will post the results whatever they may be. 


Thanks once again. 

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the port between MX and switch, as best practice - should be trunk and allowing vlan 20 and maybe management vlan for switch.


So, most probably you have a problem between switch and mx.


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