Windows machines - ''Weird'' device name

Kind of a big deal

Windows machines - ''Weird'' device name

Hi ,


I have couple hundreds of windows computer that are labeled on the dashboard with a special name. 


{"id":"X","mac":"44:e5:17:cc:00:6f","description":"e35e4766-0e5c-49a2-8792-e0e5b8080eb3","ip":"X","ip6":null,"ip6Local":"fe80:0:0:0:4a6:af17:2635:7b1e","user":"X","firstSeen":"2022-09-22T15:33:00Z","lastSeen":"2022-10-03T18:40:57Z","manufacturer":"Intel","os":"Windows 10","deviceTypePrediction":null,"recentDeviceSerial":"X","recentDeviceName":"X","recentDeviceMac":"X","recentDeviceConnection":"Wireless","ssid":"X","vlan":"X","switchport":null,"usage":{"sent":535096,"recv":1218266,"total":1753362},"status":"Online","notes":null,"smInstalled":false,"groupPolicy8021x":null,"adaptivePolicyGroup":null}


It looks like a GUID but I can't find it on my computer...


And what bugs me is that according to the documentation : Meraki’s client name’s are derived in this order: User-specified Name, MDNS Name (Bonjour), NetBIOS Name, DHCP Hostname

Bonjour & NetBIOS is disabled and the DHCP hostname is correctly reported to my DHCP servers. 

What is that ? 

Kind of a big deal

Looks like an IPv6 address to me, just formatted in an odd way.



But in my case I tried to disable IPV6 just for a test, it was resolved for a few hours but after that the name was shown wrong again.

It doesn't seem to be ipv6 related. At first I thought it was the GUID of the network adapter. They are the same format but the values are different.


Still scratching my head on that one.

Kind of a big deal

For me, it looks like the Windows UUID.

Kind of a big deal

It actually is !  2 questions comes to mind. 


1- Which one is it ?

2- Why the dashboard is using that as a client identifier ? I mean , where was it seen ? Not in a dhcp query atleast



I forgot to ask, what version are you running?  I was running MX 17.10 and after downgrade to version MX 16.16.6 It was solved.

Great question. All our MX are on 15.44. I have to double check if we have this issue on network that do not contain a MX. Good point.

Kind of a big deal

Yep just confirmed that it is also happening on networks that do not contain a MX.

Kind of a big deal

Was confirmed by support ( and many other posts that I missed ) that it is infact a mDNS name. 



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