Why does Meraki Dashboard Show Africa Map?

Getting noticed

Why does Meraki Dashboard Show Africa Map?

I have no offices in Africa. Yet Meraki dashboard persists in showing me a map of Africa in various places in the dashboard. How do I get change that?




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@MerakiMed What browser are you using, this sometimes happens when not all of the page information gets loaded.  From memory Firefox and its derivatives, Waterfox etc., seem to suffer.

Getting noticed

I've been using Chrome. Based on your idea I tried first Chrome incognito. No change. Then I tried MS Edge. No change. Africa it remains.

Kind of a big deal

More than likely one or more of your devices does not have a physical address defined, or the address can not be recognized.

I see. I have a couple hundred devices. But if one of them didn't have the address specified, the default map for the organization is - Africa?

Seems a good a location as any.


I guess if you were looking at the global population it should probably be China or India.  If it was by active networks then either Europe or the US.

So t.urns out once I got one of the branches properly passing traffic through the MX then the map situation resolved. Thanks for the help. 


What had happened was that I'd static'd the laptop on the Eth interface for an earlier home lab project and traffic was actually going over the wifi. So I've learned that the monitoring statistics and the map rely on MI Web Health monitors see some traffic first. VOIP Monitoring was working all along as there's a Ring Central hard phone inside the MX. But evidently that doesn't impact the map and Africa remains until it sees some Web Health traffic flows.



Head in the Cloud

Hi @MerakiMed ,


I do not wish to downplay your problem, but I do find this slightly amusing that the developers put in the map default as Africa; the oldest and probably first Earth continent.


As the saying goes "Do not fight your neighbour, for we all one people. Hug and embrace your neighbour, for we are all from Earth or more specifically the first continent of Africa." 🤗


Thank you,

Peter James

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