Update the Network's Regulatory Domain

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Update the Network's Regulatory Domain



I'm trying to install the M36. I did the following step:
1º Inventory
2º Claim
3º I created a new "Network"
In the new network I did the procedure below:

On the Change button
I changed the local time zone to America / Brazil. However, I cannot change Country / Region and Regulatory domain.


How do I to change Regulatory domain?





Kind of a big deal

@Flamengo The AP needs to be powered up on the same country of Regulatory domain. You can’t change the Regulator to Brazil if AP is powered on in UK as an example

Inderdeep Singh
www.thenetworkdna.com ( Awarded by Cisco IT Blogs award 2020)


Hi Inderdeep


They are new. They were not connected in another country. In addition, I followed the Cisco Meraki documentation procedure.


Hi @Flamengo if you ended up in that situation where the ship-to country and geo-IP mismatch, and in addition if Dashboard is not allowing you the option to update the regulatory domain as a result of that, I think you'll have to open a quick case with Meraki Support to correct this.  

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