Understanding Network Topology

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Understanding Network Topology

Hi Team,


I have a problem to understand, how should I read the network topology.

I have one MX and more MS all the MS are directly connected to the MX. Unfortunately in the topology I show more like cascade. It seems like the MS are connected to each other but this is wrong cause all are directly connected to the mx.


I have check everything and could find something:

When I check the port which is connected diretly to the MX I see in the CDP/LLDP list, that in top is not the MX listed.


         - Meraki MS225-48FP - SW01R / 49(Meraki MS225-48FP Cloud Managed PoE Switch)raw
         - MS225-48FP / 47(MS225-48FP)raw
         - Meraki MX95 - FW1 / 5(Meraki MX95 Cloud Managed Security Appliance)raw
         - MS225-24P / 23(MS225-24P)raw
         - MS120-8FP / 9(MS120-8FP)raw


And this is the problem in the topology I see like this switch would be connected to the SW01 but this is wrong, it is directly connected to the FW1.


Can someone explain to me, how should I read the topology.


Many thanks!!!



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal


unfortunately it doesn't help me.

On this site isn't explained, why I do not see how the devices are physically connected. 

Let me post you a picture.














My question is why I see the topology like that, when SW04 and SW02 are also directly connected to FW1?

Open a support case.

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