Unable to push/pull whitelisted Android apps

New here

Unable to push/pull whitelisted Android apps

Hey everyone


This is my hail mary throw as the client's license doesn't have Meraki ticket or phone support


I can see apps installed on iOS devices





Can't see app installing on Android however





I've enrolled 40+ devices into Meraki MDM


The Android devices aren't able to have Teams/Outlook/MS Auth app pushed out. Getting the below error in event log


Update Android auto update mode response received


"success: false, status: Failed: unable to change Google Play update modes"




Update mode is high priority





Same thing occurs when selecting the individual device and pushing the apps out


I can see the app in the Meraki SM app on the Android phone, but when I click download, the error I get is "no installation source found"


I've searched high and low for more information but I can't get a hit on the error in the event log. 


Enrolling devices using Work Profile





MDM is enrolled into Android Enterprise




Tags on apps in apps list: 




SM and profile are on the device




No geo fencing


Minimal tags - just Android or iOS so the respective apps know where to go


Do I have to match owners to devices? 




One user that can't get apps has been on multiple iOS devices before





Security policies are very lax, no restrictions


Thanks in advance


I'm willing to try anything








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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi Schweb!


I'm looking at specifically the error "no installation source found" received when trying to manually push apps to those devices. 


Based on your screenshot showing the update mode as high priority, it seems the data is hosted in Asia-Pacific.


If you go to the client device, click on "missing" under the "Apps" section, and click on the specific app name, does it show an App source whose region differs from the device's physical location itself? I'm thinking there could be an issue trying to fetch it from a certain store's region it would not originally reach to, which results in a response that there's no source to install from. 


Please let me know if you can modify that field, and if it changes the outcome or results in a different error.

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