Unable to add Tags to Devices in System Manager

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Unable to add Tags to Devices in System Manager

I am in System Manager>Devices>[MY DEVICE] and I am trying to edit/add tags.  I can added the tags and the Cancel/Save pop-up appears.  When I click Save, it gets stuck.  Inspection/Console tab shows the Uncaught TypeError below.  


Happens in Old and New Version of Devices views.  Firebox or Chromium based browsers.




devices2:11 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id')
at pcc.devices2.bundle.min.js:2:3787301
at mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:501795
at Object.updateDevice (pcc.devices2.bundle.min.js:2:3669915)
at ft.checkNetworkAndSubmit (pcc.devices2.bundle.min.js:2:3665704)
at pcc.devices2.bundle.min.js:2:3666108
at Object.s (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:364917)
at f (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:365060)
at mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:365206
at v (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:365292)
at st (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:380808)
at at (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:380618)
at ut (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:380974)
at ht (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:382181)
at j (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:478983)
at B (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:366615)
at Zt (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:388139)
at Xt (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:387356)
at t.unstable_runWithPriority (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:511280)
at Hi (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:409681)
at M (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:478760)
at Qt (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:387172)
at HTMLDocument.i (mkiredux.bundle.min.js:2:186718)
at HTMLDocument.nrWrapper (devices2:11:29834)

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I have found this glitchy for a long time, I normally add tags using the list view rather than going into the actual device. 

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