Time stamped notes

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Time stamped notes

It's possible I'm missing something but is there a way to have time stamped notes on this screen instead of a freeform notes section?  I'd like to have historical data and our devices change hands and status frequently.  I know I can manually type the date, just wondering if there is a more automated way of capturing notes with the date and time.






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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi sc2! 

It doesn't seem like there is any function that logs the date and time of changes made to the note field of a specific client device. I use a text expander software that replaces a given shortcut phrase (like /date) with the current date and time, which makes the function available system-wide too.

We would recommend that you leave this as a feedback suggestion for the product team via the Meraki dashboard Give your feedback function, so the product team can look into the possibility of adding it in future dashboard updates.

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