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Time range

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Time range

In some pages (client , application,...)  you could use a time range to monitor use of data, traffic, etc but just max for the last 30 years, not more.

Only location analytics page offers the ability to select a custom time range.

So, can we have a time range larger than a month (one year ?) or custom time range in other page ?


Meraki Employee

Re: Time range

Hi @PierreS unfortunately those pages do not currently give you the custom time/date ranges and not beyond 30 days.  Some of that data gets aggregated anyway beyond 31 days otherwise I imagine the storage requirements would become massive, as there are now well over 1.2M Meraki networks and growing rapidly.  As you mentioned, the location analytics page can provide custom ranges, so you can do month over month comparisons or see seasonal trends.  The other place you can do this is on your Summary Reports under the Organization menu.  Please do use the Make a Wish tool in Dashboard to put your use case in the suggestion box.  For the Network Wide > Clients page for example, for now, you would have to run a monthly report and export it as an XML or CSV and store them locally.  

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