Template Improvements (Again)

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Template Improvements (Again)

There are and have been many wishes made about improving the templates.  These wishes range from what seem like simple fixes, and usually have to do with over-riding the settings.


In my opinion there are 2 absolutely must have feature improvements, and a laundry list of other requests that would be nice to have and others have requested.

#1. Allow over-riding the MX port configuration.  Having to create and maintain separate templates simply because some of my networks need different trunk/access port configuration (imagine!) is really cumbersome and defeats the purpose of templates.  This seems to me like an easy fix.

#2 Allow administrators that don't have full organization rights to view and/or edit template configurations.  In an organization that has multiple tiers and regions of support, the lower techs need to be able to at a see the templates so they can understand what is happening in the network fully.  In fact, in my organization the settings for networks vary from region to region and will need different templates, so granting full access to a template for a regional tech is desired.  EDIT: After some testing, it looks like org read-only users can see templates, so that is not too bad.


Some of the other improvement requests include overriding sections.  For example, I may have a "combined" template that I only want to apply to the wireless portion.  Even better if a "wireless" template AND a "security appliance" template could be applied to the same combined network.  Essentially, the general theme of these requests is to allow more exceptions.


Would anyone from the Meraki team be willing to share what they are working on for this?


Thank you

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