Subscription licensing MV Meraki Display missing

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Subscription licensing MV Meraki Display missing

Hey all,

So with the new Subscription licensing model I noticed there is no way to add a Meraki Display apple TV for clients with MV cameras who need the viewing display. Is this a missed item or is it not compatible with Subscription licensing?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Subscriptions don't today support Meraki Display just as PDL doesn't either 

Are there any short term plans to fix that? Seems like an under sight to not support a main component of camera service in the new best licensing model. We have standardized to the new sub model but we are an msp and we have clients using cameras with display stations. Are we just not going to be able to ever use this licensing model for these clients?

Subscriptions has just launched and there are some caveats today with what and where it can be used. Co-term is still the default licensing mechanism and supports Display.


I imagine at some point Subscriptions will include Meraki Display.



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