Scheduling firmware updates in the past = update in 5 minutes

Kind of a big deal

Scheduling firmware updates in the past = update in 5 minutes

I had to schedule a firmware update today using Organization -> Firmware Updates. I tried to schedule it for 3am on today's date by accident.


Instead of getting an error alerting me that my time was invalid, my update was scheduled for current time + 5 minutes in the future. Which, yikes? It's very easy to be interrupted for a few minutes, and then you've got an unplanned outage.


I tested this on a couple of different orgs, and same thing: scheduling for the past would show whatever time I chose in the dialogue, but on Firmware Upgrades it shows it as scheduled for now + 5 min.


I would have expected an invalid time error message instead.


Anyone else noticing the same behavior, or am I cursed? I replicated it in both Chrome and Internet Explorer, across several different organizations and both MX and MS.

Kind of a big deal

Yes I have almost done that by accident as well.  It really should be checked that you are selecting a future date/time.

Kind of a big deal

Absolutelly right... Didn´t noticed that so far, since I have tested it now.


But, thats why it is still in "Beta"-mode


Time for making a wish again 😉

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