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SSO Implementation



I have recently enabled SSO on our dashboard. It seems like the only way I know to use SSO to sign into the Meraki Dashboard is by going to our ADFS Login page and picking a claim to use (https://<ServerName>/adfs/ls/idpinitiatedsignon.aspx). Is there an alternative way to sign in to the Meraki Dashboard using SSO? We are running ADFS 4.0. 


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Yes, there's a way for sure. I'm not terribly knowledgeable on AD FS, but for us we enter "meraki" in our browser and it logs us right in with no further action. "meraki" has our domain suffix appended to it for, which is an alias to, which resolves to our ADFS server. After hitting that we're redirected to the dashboard consumer URL and we're in. 


So I'm assuming there's a way in ADFS that you can detect which URL was used to get there, and then redirect to the dashboard after a successful auth. 


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U used this link to enroll our Dashboard into Azure AD. It isn't written for Azure, but it does have a section on Federated Services. It was pretty seemless up until I had to create some roles in Dashboard and then create them in Azure with some CLI commands. ADFS isn't as complicated if I recall correctly





I have just written something that may be able to help you.. 


If you so wish you can use Azure AD, rather than ADFS.


I hope this helps. 




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