RMA for incorrect MS License


RMA for incorrect MS License

A reseller purchased required MS225-48FP (Qty. 4) and the license was incorrectly ordered with LIC-MS225-48-3YR (Qty. 4) . The RMA is under process for these licenses only. They also ordered Access Points with their respective licenses.


The license generated is one key including both licenses for switch and access points.


As per the link of RMA - https://documentation.meraki.com/zGeneral_Administration/Other_Topics/Returns_(RMAs)%2C_Warranties_a...


I understand we have to unclaim the license key and claim the new RMA provided license key. My question is will the unclaim process deactivate the functioning of access points, as it was in one license key or we can de-associate switch license only and apply the new RMA switch license.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal


Kind of a big deal

The GUI should make it clear what is going to happen in your case:


The unclaim button is highlighted in yellow and will (in this case only unclaim the MC license).


In your case the line will look more like the 4th line that contains an MS, an MX and a Z1 license. In that case it would unclaim all three. Note that the unclaim button disappears after 7 days so don't wait too long.

Thank you Brecht, will proceed step by step, as mentioned:

1. Contact support and they will split the licenses from on key.
2. If that doesn't work well, will unclaim the licenses in two days. I hope the team supports thru trail licenses to cover the days till the new license is issued.
Kind of a big deal

I had a Meraki trainer say that something like 40% of all support tickets are related to licensing issues. This is a really common scenario, so I suspect that your step 1 will get you sorted, @FahadND.

Kind of a big deal

To make sure your equipment stays working and licensed I would contact support. Typically they will add the 30 grace period licenses if you have a pending order even if it's the Cisco Sales Order #. That way you can unclaim all licenses and stay running while you sort out the new order.

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