Organization overview does not show correct status of devices

A model citizen

Organization overview does not show correct status of devices

I have the situation, that under organization on the overview map it does not show the correct information.

It shows in this case for a location an orange dot. On the same page on the Device List, the location is green.

If i dive into the location, my MG is showing orange. But if i go onto the MG...all shows green..


Any ideas why this is? Are there different refresh timer? Or can I manually refresh the organization overview?

Many thanks for your feedbacks






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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That is more  then one location.? Can you zoom into  the Orange dot

A model citizen

the orange one is the MG



which is all fine if I go onto the device





Comes here often

I have the same issue, so I follow this lead

Here to help

We have the same issue, all sites with a MG is Yellow but the MG it self is green and up and running.


Have you still the same issue 4 years later? 🙂

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