New Dashboard font/UI?

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New Dashboard font/UI?

Woah, anyone else just see the font change on the dashboard? Not sure I'm digging the thin font, its a little harder to read on my screen.




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Appears to be less of an issue on my Mac. Maybe it is something to do with Windows/hDPI displays???




And now some alignment issues. Yikes!




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Same here in Edge Chromium 93, also the Beta alert thing in the top right of the clients screen has gone...?

@Aaron_Wilson : yes it changes on the Windows machine, i checked on Edge and Chrome. Both are same 




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So using a Mac does have its benefits! 😂

HA, except the Mac is experiencing some issues too.


But yes, in Windows some of these fonts are super, super small.....

Well this is interesting. Using my 16" MBP and some of the fonts are now overly large in the dashboard. So much so that device names which were originally a single line, are now being broken onto 3 lines!

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haha, came to forums just to confirm this. Easy to blame my 2 year for slamming my keyboard, but couldn't figure out how to revert fonts back JUST for meraki dashboard on my browser (Firefox).


Previous fonts/size were just fine.

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Hey folks!


We crossed a few wires a bit early, but our new fonts are actually and intentionally live!


Be sure to check out the announcement here:


Cheers, and thanks for the early feedback too!

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The current clients count on an AP dashboard is quite hard to read:  



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Upgrade initiator text is ropey




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