Meraki SM - New devices not showing in dashboard

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Meraki SM - New devices not showing in dashboard

We are currently experiencing an issue with our Meraki Organization that is preventing us from bringing new devices online.  The Dashboard functions as normal, but when new, out-of-the-box devices are added to a network, they will not show up as online in the Dashboard and update their configuration. 


We have already opened up a support case, however 4 days have passed without any estimated time for resolution or identification of the issue.


Anyone else experiencing this?



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We did receive this feedback yesterday from Meraki Support:


  • Synopsis of the problem: There seems to be a redirect issue between the master shard and the shard N180 which you are on.

Thanks for letting us know. good luck and hope the issue is fixed for you soon. 

Hi @SuhashP,


It might be worth suggesting to Meraki they turn if off and back on again.


Thank you,
Peter James

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