Meraki Help Widget - Support Chat for Licensing - Coming Mid October

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Meraki Help Widget - Support Chat for Licensing - Coming Mid October

Greetings Merakians!


I'm excited to announce that live chat with Meraki support will be available soon!


In this first iteration of the tool, you will find a Licensing Help button in the bottom-right corner of licensing pages in the dashboard. There will be some helpful links related to the page you're viewing, and the option, Still Need Help? if you'd like to chat live with an agent. Agents will be available between 9am-5pm PT, in English, during the period of this first rollout.


We expect to make a lot of improvements to this tool over time, and look forward to making it more widely available for other product issues and pages across the Meraki dashboard in the future.






This tool is already being rolled out in a limited test before being made more widely available to all users. A small number of randomly selected organizations already have access to this tool during this testing period. 


For those of you who are using the tool already, please feel free to leave questions or feedback here!


We look forward to making a wider announcement once this tool is rolled out for general release, in mid-October.



  • Live Chat with Meraki support agents
  • Only on Licensing pages, for Licensing-related cases - for now
  • Available during business hours, 9am-5pm PT, in English - for now
  • Available to all users Mid-October (and a few users right now!)
Cameron Moody | Product Manager, Cisco Meraki
A model citizen

Big kudos on this, and hope it can expand to other areas of Level 1 and possibly Level 2 support. Support via chat is awesome. And always have the option to escalate to a documented case in case chat is not the right tool for a given issue (too complex for example and better by phone or WebEx).

Esteban J Nunez
School and Church
K-12 Education

Good feedback, thanks @EJN. We're looking forward to expanding scope, and we're working on the best ways we can escalate to other channels smoothly when the case demands it, as you mentioned.

Cameron Moody | Product Manager, Cisco Meraki
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