License & Meraki dashboard

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License & Meraki dashboard

How to create dash board to monitor LAN and Access point for multiple branches in single console

How to configure Meraki dashboard to give notification before 90 days of license expiry


please guide me to find out my query

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Hi @sankar 

This can be be achieved with the help of APIs.

However we need to have good programming skills.


Kind of a big deal

As @AjitKumar stated, if you want to create your own dashboard, rather than use the standard Dashboard, to show the status of multiple networks on one screen then you’ll need to use the API to obtain the information and create a webpage to display it.


Is there something you want to see that you can’t on the standard Meraki Dashboard?


With regards to the license, I believe the Meraki Dashboard starts providing a ‘yellow’ license warning when you are 90 days out from your expiry date by default.

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