How to migrate an Organization from MSP Portal to Customer

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How to migrate an Organization from MSP Portal to Customer

How does one go about moving an entire organization, all of its networks and corresponding licensing to the actual customer, away from the MSP portal? They would like to self-manage their Meraki environment.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can just make them full admin and remove your msp accounts from that org.

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I realize this topic is a bit dated but I do have a question related to this answer.  If I give the customer we are managing full rights and remove any information relating to us as the MSP, are the licenses then managed etc., by the customer or would the Managed Services or MSP still be the billing agent for that particular organization?  We would want a full break between the provider or MSP and the customer in regards to the hardware and or software including licensing and support.  Not just who is capable of changes.  It seems any other migration method results in the loss of configuration for the devices, at least temporarily.  It could be mitigated by pre-configuration to some extent on the new customer dashboard, in this case.

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The license stays with the Meraki Organization. You lose licese if you ove the device to a different organization and not move the licese with it.


Moving to different organisation or network is where you will lose the config. If you are not moving them then no issues.


If the MSP has set it up that the customer network in in a shared organisation. Then thats where the customer will have licese and config issues. When the device is migrated into a new organization.

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