Global Event Logg Dashboard / alerts

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Global Event Logg Dashboard / alerts



I'm very intrested to have a Global Event Logg dashboard / alerts


Like have a page on the dashboard where we have personnalized Table with 


- All logs of all appliances of the organization

- All logs of all switchs of the organization

- All logs of all Access-point of organization


With possibilty to create custom table to show only specific type of error message ( like url filtering detection, dhcp problem ... )


Also maybe a global active alert page with all current alert on the organization with possibily to akwnoledge alarms


Is there any feature like this ? Or it's always a 'make wish button'

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Kind of a big deal

I don't think it's available at the moment.


Your best bet would be to export the events to a syslog server and aggregating everything there.


Also, the idea of the network overview page is to have a global view on the status there too via the colors:



And the data in the other columns (Network health, % offline, # offline):


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