Getting Topology to Work with HPE Aruba 1930 Switch

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Getting Topology to Work with HPE Aruba 1930 Switch

Hi. I recently added a HPE Aruba 1930 switch to my installation. 


(I have a full Meraki stack -- MX, MS, MR -- with the exception of this switch, and was too good of a deal for me to pass up.)


After I added this switch to my installation, the Topology went bad.  It's not clear to me what settings I need to change in the HPE Aruba 1930 switch in order to "fix" the Meraki Topology view.  I believe that it has to do with LLDP, but I am not clear.  The Meraki Dashboard *sometimes* shows the HPE Aruba 1930 switch as a diamond and says that it is improperly forwarding packets and at other times it disappears from the Topology view entirely!  


(The Topology tool is a great tool when it works, but even in a full Meraki stack it has many issues.  Would like to see Meraki invest in fixing the issues OR kill it entirely.  But since it's there, let's get it fixed.)



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes turn lldp(in this case for topology) and rstp (prevent loops)  on.

Kind of a big deal

@ChesterX 3rd party switches can cause issues with Meraki devices and the topology. If enabling LLDP on your HP device doesn't rsolve the problem contact support and they can enable a setting that should resolve the issue.


I had the same problem as currently we have a mixture of Meraki and Cisco switches. The problem is worse if you have another brand switch between two Meraki switches. 

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