Firmware warnings for stable code?

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Firmware warnings for stable code?

This is interesting. I am receiving a warning about some devices which are running the current stable code. Anyone know if there was a recent change in the logic when prompting about this? I would not have expected a RC or beta release to give me a warning.




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You can read about what these messages mean by clicking here:

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Ah, I see now.


I guess the confusing part was I updated from an older former stable version which was displaying the warning to the current stable release. After the update it still showed a warning.


I would have expected the system to not let me update to a version which too also had the warning.

Should I really be getting this switch firmware warning:


"Newer stable major firmware or newer minor beta firmware is available that may contain security fixes, new features, and performance improvements.  We recommend that you upgrade to the latest stable or latest beta firmware version."


My switches are on the latest stable 12.28.1 firmware.  Do they really recommend to upgrade to a "stable release candidate" or "Beta" instead of the current stable release?  At time of writing, that would be 14.29.

Yea, I'm not digging it. There seems to be to rhyme or reason for the warning.


Fox example, if 15.44.3 is stable, and 15.45.0 is RC, there is zero reason for 15.44.3 to be showing a warning.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I think the warning only show where an end of support for a particular code has been set.  At least that is what applies to the two network I have that are showing warnings.

Getting noticed

My switches are on "latest stable 12.28.1".  Everything else is listed as a release candidate or beta so they shouldn't give a warning until there is another stable release.  


I guess we either take our chances on the very old latest stable with known security holes and bugs or try out the release candidate with fixes for those holes and bugs but could contain unknown holes and bugs.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@watdee in Meraki world a stable release candidate is simple a stable release that hasn't yet been deployed to a significant number of users.  As more people adopt an SRC it becomes stable.


Obviously this is different to many other vendors.

Getting noticed

It still doesn't make much sense. On the firmware upgrades page, MS12.28.1 is listed as the latest stable firmware yet I get a warning for running this version.


The 14.xx versions have been being released rapidly.  If I upgraded, I'd go to 14.29 which came out Aug 30 or about 10 days ago. Not sure which is the safer bet at this point.

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