Firmware Upgrades - Availability for 16.16 vs. 16.16.2

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Firmware Upgrades - Availability for 16.16 vs. 16.16.2

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Why does an MX running 16.16 show its availability as "Up to date" but an MX running 16.16.2 show as "Upgrade available"?




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I don't have MX so can't tell for sure, but could it be the status of the firmware? 16.16 is current, so it doesn't show an update. But 16.16.2 is a beta, so it shows there is an newer beta?


(again, can't tell since I don't have MX, but check if this is the case in Firmware Upgrades -> Overview)


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That was a good guess  but both 16.16 and 16.16.2 are Stable releases.

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The Release Notes indicate what comes with the firmware update.  Bug fixes might be for features and/or devices that might not apply to your specific MX or required features.  So an update can be available but not really be of any use to your specific scenario, so you have the option to upgrade if you want or avoid downtime if it's not needed.

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This behaviour does seem a bit buggy.


On 16.16 I see firmware up to date.

When I upgrade to 16.16.2, I see 'upgrade available'. When opening the upgrade prompt, it gives me the target version of '16.16(latest stable)'.


I'd say it's likely due to the fact that both 16.16 and 16.16.2 are listed as latest releases in the stable firmware channel.

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My guess would be that the change from 16.16 to 16.16.2 is only a patch and not relevant for security. So we are up to date. But when we are on the latest stable available then we see upgrade available as the next possible version is already stable release candidate.

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This partly makes sense, but I would expect 16.16 to also tell us that an upgrade is available, to either the stable release candidate, or to 16.16.2.

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Let’s wait if any “official” joins this discussion. If not, they are likely equally confused as we are … 😂

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