Monitoring timeouts?

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Monitoring timeouts?

Hi all,


I'm currently working on getting our PRTG instance to report on Meraki devices via API, but at this time PRTG only works with numbers, not text fields. As such, I'm trying to at least get SNMP setup.


I have access to two organizations, one has about 50 devices in, one has almost 800. When I setup PRTG to find the devices using the OID, for the org with 50 devices, it brings up the custom table, when I do it on the org with 800 devices, it always times out. The only difference I can see is the amount of devices. Is there something about trying to poll lots of devices that just doesn't work? I'm trying to work out if this is an issue Meraki side or PRTG side. I've tried increasing the timeout, but 10 seconds is fine for the 50 org, 30 seconds still fails on the 800 org.

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