Extracting the Summary Report to a custom report

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Extracting the Summary Report to a custom report

Hello All


We use Brightgauge in order to send a monthly update to all of our clients summarising their tickets and the interactions with us over the last month. One item I would like to include is some way to pull the elements of the Summary Report into this.


Has anyone performed something like this before? Is it even possible to do this? 


I would prefer not to be bombarding my clients with emails from lots of sources, and i would like my sales team to have this information more to hand to view the good work the Meraki infrastructure on each site is performing

Kind of a big deal

This doesn't really cover what we are looking to achieve. What we are going to investigate is integration with ITGlue. We recently brought it in to the organisation, and we are going to try and leverage it.


While API calls are the beginning of the solution, they arent the goal. I think even in this case if we were shipping logs to an SIEM appliance / suite it would be the location to start interrogating too.


An item i would love to see broken down or dissected is the Summary Report. Is it possible to build that same report with API calls or is it some internal Meraki dashboard magic, and the access to the database that allows it to be created and displayed

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