EMEA Reseller Pricelist

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EMEA Reseller Pricelist


In the old Partner Portal, the very useful pricelist (I'm attaching a stamp) was periodically published and updated. In the new portal I have not seen any trace of this document.

Can anyone help me?

Season's greetings.



Cisco Meraki Price Book.PNG

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Kind of a big deal

I miss this too.  


CCW estimates are my go-to now.  A couple clicks and you can quickly find MSRP for any part.  Then if it moves forward you can convert the estimate to a deal and continue from there.  


I also wish they would put MSRP back on their public site.  I used to be able to tell prospective customers they could look there to create their own budgetary estimate and assume n% off MSRP to purchase from me. 



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I don't know if this helps but there is a Meraki cost calculator. Link below.



Thank you very much @tmou16 . Yes, I knew the Cost Calculator, but I think it's based on US pricelist. Maybe EMEA price are slighty different, especially for accessories such as Antennas, Power, etc. With kind regards.


Your welcome

Thanks a lot @BrandonS ! Maybe CCW is less comfortable but it's very useful too. Have a nice day!

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