Does 'Make a Wish' Tracking Exist?


Does 'Make a Wish' Tracking Exist?

Title pretty much says it all... but, to expound, I was curious if there is any means by which "Wishes" made by users are tracked? And, follow-up question, if so, where might a user find this detail?


Then, if not... Can we haz? I just feel like once I make a wish it's gone into the ether with no follow-up or insight into whether my suggestion was viewed, acknowledged, scoffed at and then subsequently thrown in the trash, as I presume it should be. 😃 But in all seriousness, it would be neat to have something like the per user. Or even maybe just an option within the wish window to also make the wish public by means of a direct post to the community. IDK, just a thought is all. Cheers!

Kind of a big deal

Not that I am aware of. Below is some info about it.

Kind of a big deal

Wishes are just that: wishes. What I interpret you asking for is a formal feature request. Those you can make with your Meraki account team. 

I see wishes as a case of "it would be nice if the dashboard did this" rather than I want this switch to support a specific protocol. 



Getting noticed

Make a wish is basically an idea box. Meraki encourages all wishes, but I am afraid they do not have the resource to work on all requests. I guess if a certain request reaches the critical mass, they will take it up or maybe if it is a really good idea... Their support team nevertheless is very dedicated. I would reach out to them, they might have a solution or workaround.

Ps. if you need a tracking or follow up on the "make a wish" function Why not try and make a wish? 😄

Inception wishing, nice.


I would hope that there is some sort of db for wishes, given that support sometimes uses "make a wish" as their final gasp to issue resolution. If only to highlight an issue engineering may not be fully aware of.


So I don't know, maybe I shouldn't have used the word "tracking." I'm not suggesting tracking implementation of the wish, I am suggesting more of a wish history or a means of accounting for wishes I have made in the portal. As in, where can I go to see what I (or others even) have suggested in the past?

That said, to the suggestion of "if you need a tracking or follow up on the "make a wish" function Why not try and make a wish?" I actually did consider that, but wanted somewhere that I could go back to reference my suggestion; thus, here we are. 😃


I still stand by the idea that wishes should have an option to be posted publicly within the Meraki Community. That would provide a historical account of past wishes, as well as allow others to comment and suggest alternatives. Then of course other members could kudo the wish or not, so you get an understanding of how many folks might also want a particular wish.

And, to address the "wishes are just wishes" stance, I would say that if that is the case why have them at all? And, furthermore, why would Meraki state the following on their own KB article for wishes:

"Incoming customer wishes are automatically emailed to every engineer on our development team and also put on display in our engineering area, ensuring that we are always thinking about our customers’ requests as we move forward."


But, all that aside, from the feedback garnered here, it would seem that I'm in the minority when it comes to how wishes are handled, so meh... All good I suppose; cheers.

I agree, it would be nice if the community had visibility to the existing wish list to comment on and to add additional support for a given wish.    This would certainly help in the prioritizing feature enhancements to the product.

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