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Deactivate site from Overview

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Deactivate site from Overview



we have got a site, where conversion measure will be done, so the network will be showed as offline for several weeks, within the overview.

How can I "deactivate" this site, so it won´t be shown red, without deleting something.

Removing the appliance from network? But then I would need to add it later, which I don´t want to, as I may have to configure severel settings again.


Or do I simply have to leave it in, but red... Something like a maintanance mode would be fine.



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Re: Deactivate site from Overview

Hi Marc

Thought for some time but couldn't get any ideas. I am not aware of any option to deactivate network.

I believe you may have to leave it as it is. May be you can rename the network with a meaningful text like "Under Maintenance" or something better. 

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Re: Deactivate site from Overview

You could tag the networks you actually want to monitor with "in_production" and then in your overview filter on "in_production". Then you could add a bookmark to a slightly edited url in your browser favorites so you don't have to manually type in the filter every time.


It's a workaround but may be feasible for you.


But it would make for a good make a wish I guess.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Deactivate site from Overview

I would just remove the device from the network.  The configuration will remain in the dashboard, and when you add the device back again the config will return.

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Re: Deactivate site from Overview

Thanks guys, think I´ll just leave it red...

Or if my cio want me to remove the device so its not shown offline, I´ll do so.


Further, I made a wish for a maintanance mode.

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