Dashboard UI design ('address & vlan' page)

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Dashboard UI design ('address & vlan' page)

If anyone on the Meraki design team is reading this, I'd like to remind the team that redesigns really need to factor in the ultra-wide screens on the market today and those running hDPI. I am seeing this on many sites where they release a redesigned website and either cater to touchscreen devices or want full-bleed. The negative effect is those of us with ultra-wide monitors and/or running hDPI suffer greatly from it.


A perfect example is the new Addressing & VLANs page. There is so much white space and cell padding on my ultra-wide screen it is a horrible experience. Also, it appears the layout is "justify" (distribute evenly across page width), where all the other pages appear to be "align left" and they grow to the right as needed.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Thanks for pointing this out, have you used the "Make a wish" feature?

I have. The problem with "make a wish" is no one else can chime in on it. 🙂

I was going to bump this thread, but it is pinned. Just a reminder to the Meraki team that us hDPI users can't be forgotten about 🙂

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