Camera Role SAML users, default dashboard view


Camera Role SAML users, default dashboard view

Is there a way assign a default dashboard view to camera role based users?


I have a camera that multiple SAML users need view and export privileges for and these users should not be able to access any other networks or devices. This is setup and working however, upon logging into the dashboard via SAML, the users are defaulting to a Video Wall they don't have permission to view. They're seeing black windows with the message "Video Access Denied". They can click the tree on the left and navigate to their camera which then works as expected. They can not view any other networks or devices as expected.


How can I resolve this default video wall issue for these users?


The layout is as follows:


Camera Network >> tag "Main"


Entrance Camera >> tag "F"  tag "Bldg_F"  tag "HR"


Camera Role >> name: "HR_Camera" Networks by tag: "Main" Cameras by tag: "HR" Permissions: "View and Export"



There is also an existing video wall in the "Camera Network" network, with the name "F" that has multiple cameras assigned to it. This appears to be the video wall they're defaulting to rather than defaulting to the single camera view.

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