Dashboard Client Screen in View All mode

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Dashboard Client Screen in View All mode

We have a very unusual case with one of our Networks when viewing all connected clients. In All mode it shows a list of MAC addresses and not the device names, the Usage counts are all over the place and not reflective of what I'd expect to see.

If I filter the clients by Only Access Point or Only Switch Clients or Only Security Appliance I get correct figures and device names.

I've had a ticket open about this for months and it hasn't been resolved. Keen to see if anyone else is experiencing this too?

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Kind of a big deal

Is the network full stack Meraki?  Makes me wonder if the clients are coming from another source that isn't the AP, Switch or Security Appliance. 

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Full stack, minus a single Aruba switch. The physical setup hasnt changed since the original installation

Here is an idea.


Create a new network cloned from the problem network.  Move all the devices from the original network to the new network.  If it works ok, delete the original network.


There must be a corruption in the statistics, and this should surely clean it out.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I have not had that problem.


Are the devices layer 2 adjacent to the Meraki devices, or are they routed through something else first (in which case your mileage may vary)?

Agree, however I am talking about the different view filters showing completely different results and dropping the device names for the same period.

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