Clients getting blocked policy

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Clients getting blocked policy

Hi all,

I’ve got an issue where the policy keeps changing to blocked on clients but the dashboard says normal. I called support and they say it’s a known issue with the dashboard and the workaround is to apply a different policy to the device. What’s “fun” about this issue is there is no way to determine what devices have the issue until I get a call about it and everyday many of the same devices have this issue. Anyone seeing this? The last update I received was that the root cause of the problem has been identified and should be resolved in about a week. This is totally crazy, not to mention unacceptable. Since this issue is at the developer level, no one will share any details of what is going on. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I can't say I have seen that.


What device types does it affect?  MX?  MR?  MS?

@PhilipDAth So far only wireless clients.

Kind of a big deal

Wow..I'm glad you said something because last few days I've been having the same issue just like that !

Clients connect, can't go anywhere, policy says normal when its actually 'blocking' and I have to change it to something else and then back again.
Nolan Herring |

For reference this is on an SSID where I have group policy configured on the access control to block android/iOS mobile devices etc.
Nolan Herring |
Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi @Slobs2, @NolanHerring We are truly sorry for all the inconvenience you are experiencing because of this issue. However, As Meraki support might have mentioned, this issue is being treated with a high priority on our side and our developers are working on it. While it is not an ideal solution, please use the workaround of changing the policy to keep the clients connected for now.


Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your cooperation.





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Interestingly I noticed a problem this week with a couple of access points, that were power cycled last weekend, were throwing up the splash screen to clients in a policy that bypasses the splash screen.

No other access ppoints were affected, the clients were connecting fine and the policy was applied as expected.


In the end, I refreshed the policy by adding all of the clients back into the policy, and those couple of AP's were fine then.


I wonder if this is related to the OP's problem ?

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