Chromebook Hostname

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Chromebook Hostname

With version 76 of ChromeOS there is now a setting in the Google Admin console for the Chromebooks


DHCP Hostname
Set the hostname that is passed to the DHCP server with the DHCP request. Possible variables are ${ASSET_ID}, ${SERIAL_NUM}, and ${MAC_ADDR}. Please include at least one variable.


With this set will that mean that chromebooks will now show up in the client list with whichever variable we set instead of the long string of numbers that means nothing?



Kind of a big deal

Kind of a big deal

You would like to think that was the case ... let us know the result.

Why we can't currently set a hostname on a Chromebook only Google knows the answer to that. It would be very useful though. 

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I've set this setting in our Chrome interface and can now see Chromebooks in my dhcp interface with the meaningful name.  Meraki is still showing the meaningless mdns string and as of yet doesn't give us a way to change the naming priority of client devices.

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