All clients offline

Getting noticed

All clients offline

Good afternoon Community!


I just started noticing issues with our dashboard where all of our clients are appearing as offline. I've also noticed that the usage graphs for today are completely wrong with a whole bunch of spikes where normally its a smooth increase as clients arrive during the day. 


Anyone else seeing this? 



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I'm seeing the same behavior in one organization, but not in a few others that I checked.

Ok good to know. I can only see our one network. everything is working fine so at this point its just a cosmetic thing. 

Kind of a big deal

Which shard is showing the issues?

For me, my usage and client counts for both my switching and applience network are incorrect. For the usage graphs its very erratic where the graph normally shows a steady increase as the day goes on. For the client counts, all of my clients are showing as offline, normally the indicator is green beside each client but right now they are gray. 

Getting noticed

I'm having this exact same issue. It was occurring on all my orgs (n168 shard) a couple weeks ago, and I noticed it's happening to at least one of my orgs today. I called Meraki both times and they state it is known issue they are investigating. It makes it real difficult to filter by online clients and makes me hesitant to give any of our clients access when the dashboard is unable to report correctly.




This looks like it's still an issue even using the latest firmware in 2021. I was checking our MX84 dashboard today and see that ALL our clients appear to be offline (Local Wired/Wireless & VPN). Has anyone received any type of a fix or workaround to resolve this yet?



Hi, just did the last firmware update a couple weeks ago and now we have this issue also.

Clients all show up "grayed out". Sometimes when I first hit the clients page for a split second I can see who is connected.

Under appliance status:

Up to date
Current version: MX 15.42.1
Is there a way to back off this update? This is important functionality to lose.


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