Admins lost access via iOS app

Kind of a big deal

Admins lost access via iOS app

I have an admin who has full admin rights to all networks but doesn't have organisation access as they do not require it. 


Within the last 2-3 days this user can no longer see anythings listed under the devices unless I give them organisation access.


User is running the latest version of iOS 15 on an iPhone 8 and has removed and reinstalled the app to no avail.



New here


I have exactly the same problem here. All our organization users don't see any devices at all in Meraki Mobile app. This started after the last app update. Before that in previous versions it was impossible save any changes made via meraki mobile app. It just did nothing. On previous versions before that everything worked as supposed to, was very useful tool for IT technician in big infrastructure. Now it's useless. I opened the case, but there is no response from Cisco.

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