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I should have done this intro a while back but the current POINTS CONTEST seems like a good time to do this.


I recently changed jobs from 10 years as the network manager at a senior living company with 86 locations across five western states running Meraki's full stack, to Cisco/Meraki solution sales. 


I'm hoping to meet fun and knowledgeable people here in the community.


I was a Sun Microsystems pre-sales SE, Northrup Grumman NTS, Data General Senior FE, are other places I have worked.


Fun Fact:

I got my pilots license when I lived in Alaska and flew my PA-22 from Juneau to the Bay Area when I moved to California.



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I also have my pilot's license.  I'm a fixed wing commercial pilot with multi engine and IFR rating.  But I don't fly for living.  

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I wish I could have seen the Bay Area from above 1 1/2 weeks ago 😞


Welcome to the community, sounds like you‘re having fun with what you‘re doing! 👍

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Welcome @cwf  you have an very interesting work history. Juneau to Cali that is a long flight in a single prop plane, how long did it take?

Thanks for saying hello. The flight took three days (12.8 hrs flight time) Juneau AK > Prince Rupert, BC > Port Hardy BC > Kelso Wa > Eugene OR > Medford OR > Antioch CA

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Welcome to the community!
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