[SURVEY CLOSED] Share your feedback and snag some swag!

Community Manager

UPDATE: this survey has closed. Huge thanks to everyone who submitted their feedback! Congrats to our randomly selected winner: @TBHPTL 

We want to hear from you! Everyone who responds to the survey below will be entered into a drawing to win a Cisco Meraki Cocktail (and Mocktail 😃) Kit.*  


cisco meraki cocktail kit .jpeg



The survey closes on Wednesday, September 14th at 9am Eastern. Please submit your feedback today!





*Terms, conditions, & eligibility information

Kind of a big deal

Woo, Australia included!

Submitted. Good luck everyone!

Kind of a big deal

Done , awesome 

Here to help
  1. Nice I can  do it whit meraki 
Getting noticed

Cheers to the winner, whomever it may be!

Kind of a big deal

A cocktail kit!  Now you are talking my language.

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