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Notice anything different around here?

Community Manager

We’ve got an updated look here on the Community! You’ll see our new Community logo & favicon up there 👆at the top of the site, and our Learning Hub training program icons have been refreshed as well. If you have the CMNA badge on your profile, you’ll notice a change there too.


See a few of the changes below!


New Logo New Icon
Meraki-Community-Logo-Primary-Full-Color-RGB.png Meraki-Community-Logo-Icon-Full-Color-RGB.png
ECMS1-Logo-Primary-Full-Color-RGB.png ecms1-icon.png
ECMS2-Logo-Primary-Full-Color-RGB.png ecms2-icon.png


Let us know what you think by commenting below!

Kind of a big deal

"SOMETHING HAS CHANGED" was my first thought when the page loaded, honestly.


I'm glad it was on purpose! It looks nice.

Building a reputation

Indeed, same here..

Something changed but didn't notice directly what.


Looks more slick/up to date now.

Head in the Cloud

Nice little change there. Didn’t expect it when I reloaded the page and thought my browser was playing up

Head in the Cloud

No change seen on my profile.  Have the CMNA badge but nothing new showing?  What am I missing out on?  FOMO is kicking in

Kind of a big deal

Subtle changes, but looking neat! I also thought to myself "something's different", but realized only after this post. 😄

Community Manager

@UCcert I see your new badge! Do you see it now? Maybe some browser cache issue was happening?



Head in the Cloud

I’ll clear my cache as I’m only seeing the old one still


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Head in the Cloud


There she is.  Looks like a Ninja star.  CMNA "Meraki Ninja"