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Notice anything different around here?

Community Manager

We’ve got an updated look here on the Community! You’ll see our new Community logo & favicon up there 👆at the top of the site, and our Learning Hub training program icons have been refreshed as well. If you have the CMNA badge on your profile, you’ll notice a change there too.


See a few of the changes below!


New Logo New Icon
Meraki-Community-Logo-Primary-Full-Color-RGB.png Meraki-Community-Logo-Icon-Full-Color-RGB.png
ECMS1-Logo-Primary-Full-Color-RGB.png ecms1-icon.png
ECMS2-Logo-Primary-Full-Color-RGB.png ecms2-icon.png


Let us know what you think by commenting below!

Kind of a big deal

"SOMETHING HAS CHANGED" was my first thought when the page loaded, honestly.


I'm glad it was on purpose! It looks nice.

Building a reputation

Indeed, same here..

Something changed but didn't notice directly what.


Looks more slick/up to date now.

Kind of a big deal

Nice little change there. Didn’t expect it when I reloaded the page and thought my browser was playing up

Kind of a big deal

No change seen on my profile.  Have the CMNA badge but nothing new showing?  What am I missing out on?  FOMO is kicking in

Kind of a big deal

Subtle changes, but looking neat! I also thought to myself "something's different", but realized only after this post. 😄

Community Manager

@UCcert I see your new badge! Do you see it now? Maybe some browser cache issue was happening?



Kind of a big deal

I’ll clear my cache as I’m only seeing the old one still


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Kind of a big deal


There she is.  Looks like a Ninja star.  CMNA "Meraki Ninja"