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New community features: Category subscriptions, new notification settings

Community Manager

We’re pleased to announce some updates to our community platform that will help you manage the notifications you receive from the Meraki Community. 


  • Category subscriptions — Subscribe to many boards at once!
  • Updates to notification settings — More options for managing the notifications you receive


Category subscriptions

Previously, you could subscribe to email notifications one board at a time (e.g. Switching, Security / SD-WAN, etc). Now you can subscribe to an entire category (e.g. Product & Technology Discussions), and easily select the boards you’re interested in.


Create a category subscription

To subscribe for email updates for an entire category, go to the category page (Product & Technology Discussions or About the Community are two examples of categories). Then, select Options > Subscribe:Subscribing to a CategorySubscribing to a Category


A dialog will appear, in which you can select the specific boards that you wish to subscribe to:Selecting specific boardsSelecting specific boards


Select your favorite boards and click Save.


Edit a category subscription

You can edit your category subscription from the category itself, or from your notification settings page.


To edit from the category page, simply select Options > Edit Subscription:2019-07-categorySubscriptions3.png


To edit from your notification settings, go to your name in the upper-right corner of the page to open the drop-down menu, and then select My Subscriptions. You’ll see a list of all of your subscriptions, including category subscriptions. Click the pencil icon to edit your selected boards or unsubscribe.Edit your category subscriptionEdit your category subscription


Updates to notification settings

There are now a few new notification settings to give you more control over which email and real-time notifications you receive.


New notification settings include:

  • Turn off all email notifications: When selected, no email notifications are sent to you. Notifications still appear in the Notification Feed.
  • Turn off all real-time pop-up notifications: When selected, no real-time pop-up messages (those little messages that appear on the bottom-right of the community) are sent to you. Notifications still appear in the Notification Feed.
  • Turn off all mobile notifications: This setting is not relevant to the Meraki Community, as we have not built any custom mobile apps or integrations (maybe someday!). 


To set your notification options:

  1. Sign in to the community.
  2. Click your name in the upper-right of the screen to open the drop-down menu
  3. Click My subscriptions:2019-07-notifications1.png
  4. Navigate to the Notification Settings tab. Here you will see the new options:Notification settings screenNotification settings screen


We hope you find these new options useful in managing the emails & pop-up notifications you receive from the Meraki Community.

Kind of a big deal

Cool! I also noticed you can now notify others when you edit a post. Neat!

Kind of a big deal

Oh nice re: the editing. I am that person who hits post and realizes promptly that they've left off an entire chunk of sentence or step of troubleshoot.

Community Manager

Erm, @Nash  & @BrechtSchamp - the "notify others when you edit a post" was actually an accidental permissions change! Whoops! Great to know you like the change though.... maybe I'll make it an All-Star perk 🙂

Kind of a big deal

If we're not supposed to have it, then we're not supposed to have it. 🙂 

Kind of a big deal
Wow, that‘s great news indeed!
Kind of a big deal

Woopsie @CarolineS 


Arr, ye did it wrong lasse. Deck scrubbin for you t'day.

Community Manager

I'm super glad you mentioned it, @BrechtSchamp! That permission has now been rescinded... I think :-).

Community Manager

@BrechtSchamp Blimey! Me hands er raw aft much deck scrubbin', but I reckon those permissions o' yers are back t' th' settin's where they best be. Ya ha!

Kind of a big deal

@CarolineS 👌