[NOW LIVE!] Updating SSO; short downtime scheduled

Community Manager

We're updating our SSO! Cisco's SSO system is migrating to Okta, and Tuesday night / Wednesday morning Pacific time it's the Meraki Community's turn to migrate.


Once the new SSO is launched, the sign-in and registration will look slightly different, but the change shouldn't be that noticeable. See below.


Old SSO sign-in page New SSO sign-in page





As part of the migration, there will be a short time around 12:00am Pacific on Wednesday, May 26 during which nobody will be able to sign in or register on the community. The community will still be up at this time, it just won't accept new logins or registrations.


If you have any sign-in or registration trouble after the SSO migration, please email us at community-help@meraki.com and we'll get you sorted out!