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Meraki Alumni (Retired)

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It’s time for our February Member spotlight!


For this Member Spotlight, we chose to recognize @redsector. He has member a member since 2017 and since joining he's written 225 posts, received 103 kudos, and authored 8 solutions! We're so appreciative of long-time members who keep coming back and those following the Wireless LAN and Switching boards in particular have greatly benefited from @redsector's endless contributions. 


Congratulations!🏅 👏

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Tell us a little bit about your background.

I am employed in a games company named Ravensburger in Germany near the lake of Constance not far from Switzerland and Austria. My company exists since 1883. Now there are working about 1.500 employees.

We are Cisco “users” since we changed from Token-Ring network to ethernet in the 1990s. The reason to change the network hardware to Meraki was 2016 because we bought companies in Sweden (BRIO) and in the U.S. (Wonderforge, Seattle and Thinkfun, Alexandria). And because the toy shops are closing down more and more in Europe we started to open shops by ourselves. Also we have amusement parks for children and a museum. All this different types of locations are supplied with LAN and WLAN.

The management for this amount of different places and different kind of companies all over the world needs to be easy and unified.

It's still an ongoing process to change network hardware to Cisco Meraki.


What motivated you to start posting in the community and what keeps you coming back?

The motivation to post in the Meraki community is that I got a lot of help in my first time working with Meraki and still now I get many inspirations, and I enjoy the discussions in this forum. It's like in a family, and when I can give help I appreciate to do.


What are you most excited about for the future of networking?

I am surprised again and again when I read in the “whats new” in the dashboard. I expect more cool and nice things to make the management easy and secure.


What’s your advice to folks looking to move to the next level in their Meraki / networking knowledge?

Regularly have a look in the support pages (https://meraki.cisco.com/support) and the community, things are growing!


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