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It’s time for our February Member spotlight!


For this Member Spotlight, we chose to recognize @Greenberet. Since joining back in 2019, he's written 160 posts, received 149 kudos, and authored 13 solutions. We've really appreciated his contributions across many of our boards, which ended up earning him both the Rising Star and Everybody Wins awards!




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Tell us a little bit about your background.

My background doesn’t quite fill into the meraki world. This year I will turn 32. I’ve done some routing & switching about 10 years ago, but for 8-9 years I’m full time for Cisco UC engineer. I’ve also achieved several Cisco certifications up to the CCIE Collaboration. I’ve also passed the DEVCOR & CLAUTO exams last year just 3 & 17 days after they were released. Thanks to that I’m CCDevP certified and part of the “DevNet 500”.

I was always interested in other technologies and that’s the reason why I gave meraki a try. (The full stack for the CMNA was a nice motivation too =D ). From the development perspective my experience is probably the longest. I’ve started really early when I was 11 years old, but in that time my interest were more into enhancing/modifying existing games. Today I’m still developing things, but mostly on UC projects and automations.


What brought you to the community and what keeps you coming back?

Shortly after I’ve done the CMNA, there was an e-mail/blog post (I don’t remember) about the meraki early developer program. I’ve just applied to it and got accepted.

Why I’m still here? Well the community is actually really friendly and helpful. The community challenges are also really nice and fun 😃


What IT project that you’ve worked on in your career are you most proud of?

It might not be that much for everyone, but it was really nice that my conversion for the meraki python sdk to asyncio got into the official sdk =D


What are you looking forward to in the world of IT in 2021?

Automations and smart home. Thanks to covid the home office is getting more and more important. Therefore the next step would be to integrate smart homes with home office.

That’s the reason why I’m developing a meraki integration for home assistant. My final goal is to control the whole house together with meraki.

The MV detects someone on the door? Stream the video feed immediately to all chromecast on the TV.
I’m leaving home -> Turn off the switchport from the home office ip phone and vice versa. (That’s actually already working)

I’m at home and there is a scheduled meeting in the calendar -> send wake on lan to the computer to turn it on.
The phone is active -> turn on the busy lamp outside the door and/or lock the door.

…. The possibilities are endless here.




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