Drum roll... announcing the winners of our first Community Challenge!

Community Manager

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Community Challenge! We were blown away by the quality and quantity of responses. 




Without further ado, the winners:


Community Favorite

(based on number of kudos)

Meraki Favorite

(chosen by a panel of Meraki judges)


21 kudos!

Read his entry



Read his entry


The Meraki Favorite answer was chosen by a distinguished panel of Meraki employees - a systems engineer, a support manager, an architect, and a technical trainer. The panel appreciated @SergeRobert1's emphasis on the full-stack approach. His submission demonstrated an in-depth understanding of best practice security policies, next generation threat detection, and end-to-end organizational security across multiple technology disciplines.


And, while we can't tell you exactly why 21 community members gave kudos to @geoffbernard's entry, we can tell you that this was over twice the number of kudos of the next-most-kudoed submission.


Congratulations to you both, and stay tuned for a PM from me about claiming your prize!

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Congrats guys!!!

Kind of a big deal

Yes, well done!

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Great job!