Congratulations to the winners of the SD-WAN challenge!

Community Manager



Wow, that was fantastic! We were blown away by the 52 excellent entries to our SD-WAN Challenge. Thank you, everyone!!


And now, it's time to announce the winners. Drum roll.....


Congratulations to @mmistretta for his landslide win of the Community Choice prize, with 45 non-Meraki kudos! I believe that's a new record for kudos on a community challenge entry. Here's his winning entry.


And, the winner of the Meraki Choice prize, judged by a panel of experts here at Meraki on the basis of Creativity (40%), Accuracy (30%), and Completeness (30%)  is.... @vicapelli! We loved @vicapelli's creative analogy and detailed response. Here it is!






Stay tuned for an email from me to confirm where to send your Meraki mini-fridge!