Congratulations to our top 3 video submissions! Now it's time to VOTE!

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Thank you to everyone who entered our Video Challenge — it was our first video-based challenge, and we're really pleased with the response we received. We'll do it again!


A panel of technical experts here at Meraki have reviewed the videos and determined our TOP THREE WINNERS! Drum roll....


The Top Three

Congratulations! Each of you wins a pair of socks, a Meraki polo, and a Meraki hat! I'll be in touch to get shirt sizes and mailing addresses.


And now.... it's time for the community to vote for the GRAND PRIZE WINNER! Vote with your kudos on the three great videos below to determine who will win a Meraki MV (+ fame and glory).


Voting will be open through 1:00 pm Pacific time on Wednesday next week (July 18).



Kind of a big deal

Thanks, this was a fun community event.  The only critique I had of my first video attempt was that I talked super fast.  But that is me in general.  I also listen to podcasts at 2x on my phone.  I look forward to participating in future community events 🙂


Getting noticed

Switch port tagging in 2 minutes flat.  Huge time saver for me.  It's a bit rushed, but maybe you get the idea.  I tag all of my ports initially with default tags of "empty", "odd", and "even".  I also further disable all of the ports.  I then clone this config to all of the other switches of the same model...48 port to 48 port and 24 port to 24 port.  Then once I know what will be plugged where, I add more tags such as "data", "wifi", "cam", "sfp", "voip", etc.  Also, as I add those tags I remove the empty tag and enable the port.  Once all ports in the entire network have been tagged.  Then using the switch ports page, I search for a single all...and edit a single time for all of those ports whether it's 10 or 10,000.  I repeat for the remaining tags.



Meraki and Alexa. Many people say that this is all gimmick, but it certainly helped my customer to achieve what he wanted. Gimmick? I think not 😉


Community Manager

Voting is now open! Let the kudos fly in!

Community Manager

 Aaaaaannnnd..... that's a wrap! Congratulations to @BrothersTM for winning our video challenge!!!! Thanks to all!

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