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Congratulations to our November Members of the Month!

Community Manager

It's Members of the Month (MOTM) shout-out time again!


November 2017 Meraki Community Members of the Month



108 kudos



42 kudos



36 kudos



26 kudos


For the 3rd straight month, @PhilipDAth leads the pack; this time with a record-setting 108 kudos. Congrats, Philip, and thank you for your continued contributions.


@WadeAlsup is our 2nd-place MOTM, with a fantastic 42 kudos. Wade is our featured member this month - read more about him below!


@Mr_IT_Guy remains a MOTM for the 3rd straight month, with 36 kudos. Read more about him (and his dog Maui) in our October Members of the Month announcement.


Finally, we welcome a new MOTM - @jared_f who has made valuable contributions in the Mobility Management board in particular. At just 16 years old, Jared is certainly our youngest-ever MOTM and perhaps our youngest community member!


Congrats, everyone, and thank you for your contributions! We have some great swag this month; hope you like it!



Q & A with Wade Alsup

I had a few questions for Wade Alsup, this month's featured member.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience with Meraki.

I’m 29 and live in Wichita Falls, Texas. I’ve been in the IT world for about 10 years and an avid Meraki user the last 2 and a half years. I started at Air Tractor (we make Big Yellow Cropdusters, among a few other aircraft, and have a network of dealers around the world) in early 2014 in a newly created position as the first true IT employee. Using the Meraki full-stack has really helped me retroactively accommodate to Air Tractor's growth over the last 10 years. 


Any particular Meraki product / feature that you're particularly fond of or couldn't live without?

As the only current IT guy here, I don’t think I could live without the Dashboard. That single pane of glass approach really gives me time to focus on other tasks like server administration, desktop support, and developmental tasks in our ERP. As the whole IT department, that is a Godsend for me!


How does the community help you in your day-to-day work?

The community has been such a stress reliever for me. The fact that daily there are other IT folk that are seeing issues that I’ve seen and haven’t… it’s that reality of our positions and the fact that we aren’t alone… it’s nice to have that support to lean on as well. I love the Meraki Community!


Thanks, Wade!



Official terms & conditions for the Members of the Month awards

A model citizen

Welcome to the board, @jared_f, and thanks for your contributions! As always, congrats to everyone that contributed this month, not just the ones with the top kudos. 

A model citizen

This is such a wonderful community. Thanks to everyone who is on here posting questions, solutions, brainstorming, etc. This community is growing more and more each day. 

Kind of a big deal

The community is great and really growing. Great topics are being discussed.




Kind of a big deal

Thanks @CarolineS.  I'm guessing Meraki employees are not eligible ...

A model citizen

I agree, @PhilipDAth


@MerakiDave needs a shout out, for sure!

Community Manager

@PhilipDAth and @WadeAlsup - stay tuned! 😄

Kind of a big deal

November 2017 Meraki Employee Community Members of the Month




55 kudos



20 kudos



12 kudos

Meraki Employee

Thanks @PhilipDAth and @WadeAlsup appreciate the shout out.  Correct, the Meraki employees won't be eligible for Meraki swag (although I wouldn't turn it down if @CarolineS sent me some, haha).  We're all just happy to contribute and excited to see how great the Meraki Community is taking off!  Keep up the great contributions and collaboration everyone!  

Meraki Employee

Appreciate the recognition @PhilipDAth! I've been trying to make an effort to be more active within the community, but I have a long way to go if I ever want to reach your level. Thanks for all you do for the community, it doesn't go unnoticed! 

Community Manager

@PhilipDAth, you beat me to it, but here's our first official Employee recognition!

Building a reputation

Thanks to you four for your willingness to help out and make this place so awesome, congrats!

Kind of a big deal

Thank you for the new umbrella @CarolineS.  Although it is summer in New Zealand at the moment we had a good dose of rain yesterday.  It seems pretty flash for an umbrella with its internal green lining.



A model citizen

Fantastic swag this month. The umbrella was super useful as we got hit with rain this weekend. Maui was not happy at first, but once I put the umbrella on the ground and he was protected from the elements, he didn't mind being outside while I was getting stuff out of the shed.

Community Manager

@Mr_IT_Guy I think Maui may need his own profile on here...