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Congratulations to our EMPLOYEE Members of the Month!

Community Manager

We've been recognizing customers and partners each month for outstanding community contributions; this month, we're also recognizing Meraki employees who have generously given their time and knowledge to the community.  


November 2017 Meraki Community EMPLOYEE Members of the Month




54 kudos



20 kudos



12 kudos


 @MerakiDave is a Pre-Sales Systems Engineer based on the east coast of the US; he has posted 97 times and received 67 kudos since he joined in mid-October. Thanks, @MerakiDave!


@GeorgeB, the lead product manager for the MV, has been active on the Security Cameras board and was the guest of honor in our first-ever Community-powered AMA ("Ask Me Anything").


Finally, @RyanB is a Systems Engineer who has contributed to boards across the community, including a video of a black bear sleeping at his door!


Thanks, you three! A small token of our appreciation is flying your way. Thanks to ALL Meraki employees who have contributed since we launched! 

Head in the Cloud

Congrats all 🙂

A model citizen

Congrats guys! Thanks for being so active in the community. Really helps knowing that you guys are around to provide insight!

Building a reputation

Thanks to you three and the other Meraki employees for sharing your knowledge and expertise! And congrats!