Community Platform Update: Nav cleanup

Community Manager

In our ongoing effort to help you find what you’re looking for on the Meraki Community, we have made a change to the “Technical Forums” item of the navigation menu.

Previously, after clicking “Technical Forums” in the menu, you’d be presented with a LONG list of sub-forums — so long that it generally went below the bottom of the window. To simplify getting to the right forum, we’ve removed the sub-forums from the menu. Now, clicking “Technical Forums” just takes you to a page where you can select your forum.


Before — That’s a long sub-menu!






After — Ah, the simplicity of a link!



Please let us know any feedback in the comments.


Kind of a big deal

Awesome @MeredithW 

Getting noticed

It works 😆

Kind of a big deal

It works aas intended. And now I again ignore it as I nearly never use the hamburger menu ... 😉

Here to help

i didn't even know there was a hamburger menu, but it works!

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